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Welcome to the Canvas Help Page

1. Navigating Canvas from Student / Parent Perspective
  • Navigating the Student Canvas Dashboard

  • Viewing Announcements

  • Checking To-Do List and Grades from the Home Page

  • Entering a Course / Module

  • Interacting w. Module Organization: Identifying the Difference Between Pages, Discussions, Assignments , Quizzes, Etc.

2. Assignments / Grades
  • Navigating Assignments: text boxes, external tools, etc.

  • Making a copy of a Google slide

  • Taking and renaming screenshots

  • Submitting/Resubmitting Assignments to Canvas

  • Locating Individual course Grade Reports / Missing Work

  • Checking Assignment Grades and Viewing Feedback

3. Additional Tools Menu
  • Viewing / Replying to Canvas Inbox and/or Google Email

  • Immersive Reader / Chromebook dictation tool

  • Splitting Screens on Chromebook / Laptop

  • Connecting as an Observer on Canvas

  • Examples of Teacher Created Organizational Resources (buttons, Agendas, etc.)

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